Lower Illinois Vally Scenic Bluff Road

As you drive along the Hillview Scenic Bluff Road you experience a rare opportunity to visualize the pristine natural beauty of the early nineteenth century, agricultural farming of the river delta, the architectural significance of the early English settlers in their hi-style limestone homesteads, as well as the original beauty of the native prairie grasses that roll gently up into the limestone palisades along the river valley.


This lower Illinois River Valley region is known by many archeologists to be the Nile of North America. Choose Each of the tacks to learn of the early people and place of Greene County’s Lower Illinois Valley. Most of the sites on the map are able to be seen from the road… but all are on private property.

Text Box: Sweetin House

J. J. Eldred House

Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Koster Site
Clendenen House
Text Box: Russell House

Samuel Gates House

Schild House

Text Box: Clendenen House
Text Box: Young House