History is Local

 Historic Greene County, Illinois is coming alive with people, places, and objects from the past during the annual James J Eldred House Fall Festival. The Festival will be held the weekend after Labor Day, September  11-12-13, 2015 a t the James J Eldred House Historic Site with other special events at area locations.

Porthole Barns

Joe Minch, a civil war ship builder, was fresh to Greene County and looking for work when he was offered a job building a barn. Legend says that he built it the only way that he knew how, with porthole windows. His payment? The tools he later used to build his barns and his folk art legacy.

Haunted Tours

Join American Hauntings & American Ghost Society rep Loren Hamilton for a ghostly event at the legendary Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois! This chilling night will include a real-life ghost hunt, late-night séance and investigation of Eldred House, spooky cellar & the surrounding grounds! The James Eldred House dates back to the 1820s, resting on land that was among the first to be occupied in Greene County. There have been at least four deaths in the house over the years and legend tells of a Native American who was buried on the property --- leading to ghost stories that are still being told today. Experience this historic location first-hand and see for yourself if there is truth to the rumors! All guests are required to sign a waiver before the ghost hunt and children under the age of 18 are not allowed! A Portion of the Proceeds go to the Restoration of the House! $40 Per Person for this chilling ghost hunt! Learn more at www.prairieghosts.com

~~Our local iconic and historic places are essential parts of our lives. They deserve to be preserved and protected so we can pass them on to the next generation. We are making great strides in saving the James J Eldred House—- Thanks to your support…. We count on your continued support to finish what we have started. Pictured left you can see our 2015 plan for the Eldred House. Your tax deductible gift will make a tangible difference in our work. Please use the donation form to help create a meaningful legacy that we can pass on to the next generation. Thank-you in advance for your support of this important cause.

 Eldred House Restoration Plan