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Few times in history are we afforded an opportunity to reflect on where we have come from and how our past has helped define our present. The Eldred House was once considered the pinnacle of high style and was the gathering spot for balls or parties enjoyed by the upper echelons of Illinois citizens alongside farmhands and even soldiers training for the Civil War stationed at Camp Carrollton. With the Eldred family wealth diminishing, the home itself would eventually be abandoned and left unprotected from the elements. It continued to erode for decades until the Illinois Valley Cultural Heritage Association became its stewards in 1995.

Since then, exhaustive efforts have been taken to return this historic property to its former glory. Portions of the home have been completely rebuilt and stabilized, Headers in the basement and the roof have been replaced as well as much of the exterior has been tuck pointed and the front and back porches rebuilt.

However, there is much more work that needs to be completed. Your membership helps us continue our work on projects like the James J Eldred House and the Fernwood Mausoleum. We are asking for your help. If you have not renewed your membership yet this year… please do it now….. or consider a lifetime membership at $1000.

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